Web Push Notifications

KoolSuite OneSignal Integration


The integration with OneSignal (free profile) allows you to receive push notifications from the crm on any device: smartphone or desktop computer

Notifications and reminders from company crm to smartphones

Smartphone notifications are a must for every professional application.

KoolSuite, integrating the powerful notification engine offered by OneSIgnal, allows you to receive all notifications of interest from your CRM.

  • Reminder
  • Important assignments
  • But also business messages sent by our company

The notifications sent to the smartphone are normal notifications (such as whatsup for example). The notifications on the desktop are sent even without being connected to the crm or even if the browser is closed.

Each user of the crm has the opportunity to subscribe to the notification service both from their smartphone and from the desktop computer: KoolSuite through OneSignal will send notifications and reminders to the device used for registration.

OneSignal offers its service for free: the free OneSignal profile is sufficient to send notifications to all users of the company crm.

How does it work

Administrator after creating his own profile (free type) on OneDignal sets the access keys in the appropriate administrative area of ​​KoolSuite.

Also in the Administrative area are also set:

  • the CRM modules to be notified of the assignment (for example the Cases module to notify the assignment of a new Case to a user)
  • the list of users authorized to send messages to other users through the OneSignal channel
  • the notice times for meeting and call reminders

With KoolSuite and OneSignal your users are always connected with the company crm

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