Sudo Login

Impersonate any user

Sudo Login

Sudo Login  allows you to impersonate any SuiteCRM user. Easy to use. Included in KoolTheme Professional.

A feature appreciated by all administrators. Sudo Login  allows you to impersonate any SuiteCRM user: without logging off / login you can verify the functioning of the CRM assuming the credentials of the selected user.

By activating this function, the list of users appears at the top right: you can select any user and navigate by impersonating the selected user.
Easy and fast.


How does it works

Activating this function modifies the current SuiteCRM user. From the list at the top right you can select the desired user.

In the list in the last position, find the possibility to return to your administrative role.


Key features

  • Impersonate any user
  • Easy to switch users without any logoff / login
  • Easy to use. No special settings are required



The addon is installed with KoolTheme in the Professional version. No additional installation is required

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