Listviews become spreadsheets

The Jspreadsheet plugin integration

With Sheetview it's possibile to show the lists as spreadsheets. Save any changes in real time. It offers users an unrivaled spreadsheet-like user experience.

With SheetView KoolSuite integrates the powerful plugin (Jspreadsheet) for viewing lists in spreadsheets.

It is possible to view each listview as if it were a convenient spreadsheet.

It offers users an unrivaled spreadsheet-like user experience.

Allows editing and saving of any modification in real time of the modified data. You can disable changes in real time with a single click.

Here are some of the powerful features:

  • adding records
  • deletion (with confirmation)
  • undo
  • redo
  • download of all data in csv format
  • sorting on columns
  • search filters on the sheet
  • totals in the footer
  • formulas
  • lazy loading for very long lists

SheetView supports the following types of fields:

  • Text
  • Date (with picker)
  • Datetime (with picker)
  • Decimal
  • Float
  • Int
  • Relate (with autocomplete feature)
  • Flex Relate (with autocomplete feature)
  • Dropdown
  • Dynamic Dropdown

SheetView is available on any module: only users with the Export right on the module can use SheetView.

How does it works

In each ListView there is an option to display the data in the SheetView.

All the result data of the filters applied in the ListView is displayed in a single table

You can make changes to the data, add or delete records

KoolSuite saves the changes made in real time

Also use SheetView for convenient download of data in csv format


There are no special requirements


KoolSuite Professional installs this feature with theme installation.
There are no special settings.

Please remember only users with Export feature enabled can activate SheetView

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