Outlook Emails Archivier

No Apps, No additiona Addons

Archive email messages from Outlook without any additional apps

Enables Emails Drag & Drop from your Microsoft Outlook to your CRM.


It’s  important for Microsoft Outlook users to effortlessly archive email messages in the CRM.

Until now, this operation has always required the purchase and installation of a special App.

KoolSuite makes this easy without any additional installation.

You can select one or more emails from Microsoft Outlook, drag them to the browser within the customer card, or any card, and automatically archive the dragged messages and their attachments.

By opening the tab in your crm, where the emails will be stored, KoolSuite presents a link to archive emails. With a click on the link, your browser is ready to accept emails dragged from Outlook.

The emails will be archived as an email message in the history of the selected tab.

The attachments will be inserted as Attachments to the card. The entire message in the native .msg format will also be archived together with the attachments for greater security.

Key features

  • Easy drag and drop from outlook
  • One or more emails in a single drag and drop
  • Archive attachement in separate files



There are no requirements or special settings.


This feature is installed by the KoolTheme Professional package. No additional installation is required

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