Print any ListView or DetailView

KoolPrint creates PDF on the fly

In a modern CRM you need a pdf printing tool that allows you to quickly print the results of the searches carried out. Create pdf of ListView and DetailView of any module without the need for any template. Create reports with groupby and total functionality.


I would like to have what I see on the screen in pdf

With KoolPrint just one click, without the need to design any templates.
KoolPrint prints in pdf any ListView, DetailView of any module, even custom.
All the columns of the ListView are shown in the pdf.
The DetailView print shows all the fields on the screen and the sub-panels of the DetailView.

Reporting features
KoolPrint is also a powerful and fast reporting tool for your CRM.
Combined with the GroupByListView functionality, it allows you to obtain reports in pdf with groupings and column totals.

In GroupByListView printouts, Koolprint asks if you want to print only the totals or the entire search result.
In DetailView printouts KoolPrint asks which subpanels you want to print.




How does it works

KoolPrint uses the last search made by the user in the form. Gets the entire search result and creates the pdf with the data contained in the result.
With a click on the printer icon of the KoolTheme topbar a dialog box is presented. You can provide a title to your pdf report and indicate which subpanels to print (if you are printing a DetailView).
When printing a GruopByListView with KoolPrint, KoolPrint follows the groupings and provides the totals set for the GroupByListView.
It uses the Mpdf engine to create the pdf: it is the open source engine present in SuiteCRM.


Key features

  • Pdf of any ListView
  • Pdf of any DetailView
  • Pdf of any GruopByListView
  • No template needed
  • Selection of sub-panels to be printed




There are no particular requirements




KoolPrint is installed by the KoolTheme theme. There are no particular settings.
Simply activating KoolTheme the print icon is presented in the topbar. Immediately available for printing in pdf.


KoolPrint reports can be customized. Consult the documentation for more details

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