Your cloud space integrated with Suitecrm

KoolDrive the business Cloud Drive for your CRM

KoolDrive is a powerful and easy file archiving tool designed for SuiteCRM

KoolDrive the new file storage designed for SuiteCRM.
Similar to Google Drive in the features offered, KoolDrive allows you to easily upload files of any size.
Each user has their own personal storage space or archives files by associating it with the records of the crm.

In a modern CRM, users often need to upload images, videos and audio recordings from their mobile phones. With KoolDrive users can take photos or record video / audio and with a single click archive by associating the files to a CRM record or by storing them in their personal space.

KoolDrive allows you to organize files into folders, download selected files in a single compressed file. View image files in image galleries. Move files by associating them with a record of any module of your CRM. Preview Office documents
Archives files of all sizes: there is no limit to the number and size of files to be archived

How does it works

  • Designed for SuiteCRM, it stores files with the same logic and archiving method as SuiteCRM.
  • Each user has their own personal storage space that is always available. In the koolTheme toolbar there is the link to access your storage space.
  • Furthermore in each DetailView there is a new panel to archive with Drag & Drop all the desired files by associating them to the DetailView record.

Discover the many powerful features offered by KoolDrive



Key features

  • Drag & Drop always available
  • Allows multiple simultaneous uploads
  • Organize files in folders
  • Automatically create file galleries for your images
  • It allows the sharing of files also to external users
  • Optimized for mobile uploads



There are no special requirements for using KoolDrive.

To securely share files with external users it is necessary to activate the PHP OpenSSL extension



KoolDrive is installed by the KoolTheme Professional package. There are no particular configurations for use

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