Kanban View

Kanban on any ListView

Kanban View for any module​

Allows Kanban view for each ListView. Activate drag and drop between the Kanban columns


With KoolSuite you can activate the Kanban View for any module. KoolSuite prepares the choice of the column on which to group.

You can choose between dropdown and date columns. It is obviously possible to drag your records from one group to another by changing the value of the grouping field.

If it is grouped by dates KoolSuite creates the Kanban by month and year.


How does it works

  • Kanbian View can be activated on any module
  • Allows the choice of the column on which to group
  • Drag and Drop between Kanban columns
  • It also allows grouping by dates


There are no special requirements or settings


Kanban View is automatically installed by the KoolSuite Professional package

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