Google Authenticator

Secure your accounts with better Two-Factor Authentication

Use Google Authentication in your CRM for better security

Two factor Google Authentication on your CRM: easy to use. No installation required

KoolSuite has integrated the functionality of the Google Authentication App to provide two-factor authentication to the CRM.
With this feature, the administrator can determine which users must use Google Authenticatior to access the crm.

How does it work

The CRM administrator enables two-factor authentication in the user profile for a single user.

The enabled user will have to install the Google Authenticator app.

Once you have logged in with your username and password, the system will ask you to enter the code provided by the Googe Authenticator App.

To generate the code, KoolSuite will send the user via email a secret code that can also be read with QRCode to be entered in the Google App.

Key features

  • Key features
  • Enable Google Authentication only on selected users


There are no requirements or special settings.


This feature is installed by the KoolSuite Professional package. No additional installation is required

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