DropDown Manager

Just another feature of KoolSuite

Handle long dropdowns in seconds

Facilitates the management of SuiteCRM dropdowns. Import / Export from csv files. Allows numeric values in dropdowns

Finally, after so many years of inserting long lists in the dropdown fields one after the other, with DropDown Manager it is possible to work directly with files in csv format. and easily manage long lists.

With DropDown Manager you can also insert numeric codes in the values of the dropdowns. Not just alphabetic values.

How does it works

DropDown Manager introduces a new tab in the SuiteCRM dropdown management interface.
Plenty of text space to enter the list values one line at a time.
They can be entered by hand by separating the value from the label with a semicolon or easily imported from a csv file as shown in the video tutorial.

The management of existing lists is also simple. With an option you can load the values already stored in the list directly in the value editing area, modify them or bring them back in csv file. Then you can re-import the values appending them to the existing ones or empty the existing list and re-import the values

Key features

  • Import of csv files with the values of the list
  • Management of existing lists (export / import)
  • Numeric codes for the values of the lists



There are no special requirements



KoolSuite installs this feature with theme installation.
There are no special settings. Also present in KoolSuite Community package

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