Dashboard copier

Easily replicate a homepage to one or more selected users

Easily replicate a user's homepage on selected users

Replicate a user's homepage to selected users. You can browse the homepages to select the one to copy

Copying homepages is no longer a problem

With KoolSuite it is easy to replicate a homepage to one or more selected users.

With a special page in the Administration panel, KoolSuite makes this expensive operation easy.

You can search for the homepage to be copied by browsing the user homepages. KoolSuite will activate the user impersonation function (sudo) for you in order to check the homepage of the selected user.

Once you have selected the user from which to copy the homepage, you only have to indicate which other users to replicate the homepage to.

Select one or more users, or select a role and copy the homepage to all selected users or users belonging to the selected role.

Easy and fast.




There are no requirements or special settings.


This feature is installed by the KoolSuite Professional package. No additional installation is required

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