Custom login page

You can select from a customizable login page with content dedicated to your company or a classic centered login box

Fully customizable login page

A new modern login page. KoolSuite offers a new and customizable entry point. On the left the login form on the right the space dedicated to your company. Of course, the classic login with the centered box is also available


Key features

  • Responsive
  • Customizable
  • Elegant


There are no requirements for this feature



No additional installation is required. KoolSuite installs the login page as a theme template.
From the SuiteCRM administration panel under Custom Login Page you can directly edit and modify the customizable part of the login form.
The code is saved in the themes / kooltheme / loginpage folder

Do you prefer the classic SuiteCRM page with the form in the center? Not a problem In the KoolSuite documentation you will find how to disable or modify the Custom Login Page


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