Terms and conditions

KoolSuite Licenses

KoolSuite is released under AGPL version 3.

KoolSuite Professional

1. Packages included

With the subscription to KoolSuite you can use the following packages:

  • KoolSuite Theme
  • KoolSuite Addons/li>
  • You can also download and use all the Apps described in the App section of the website www.koolsuite.com.
  • You can download and use all the new modules and Apps that will be released and inserted on the site in the App section during the subscription period

2. Duration and validity

Each subscription is valid for a single domain and is valid for 1 year from the date of subscription.

Upon registration, you will be prompted for the domain linked to the license.

During the year it will be possible on request to make a change of domain.

At the end of the license period it will no longer be possible to use the software except by renewing the license

3. Support

During the subscription period you can request technical support to solve problems or malfunctions of the modules in use.

The supplier undertakes to respond within 2 business days of the support request

4. Refund policy

  1. We work hard at supporting and ensuring our software works. If there is a technical issue, you must allow us to help resolve that issue in a timely manner before a refund will be granted. Many times a bad permission property on some files can appear to cause our product to not work, so give us a chance to fix a technical issue before requesting a refund.
  2. “You have gone a different direction” or “The software is not easy to use” is not a reason to request a refund. Your business model changes or technical expertise is not a reason we will grant a refund.
  3. We offer a 30 day refund, after that time period, we do not refund monies. We will certainly help support you and the software, but we now make no exceptions to this rule.
  4. The 30 day period is from the start of your original purchase. What we mean by this is purchasing the software, getting a refund, and purchasing again does not allow the refund period to start over. This rule only applies to this situation and will be applied in cases where we feel the refund offer is being abused in this way.
  5. The 30 day refund does not apply to support purchases or services.