SuiteCRM Theme

Takes SuiteCRM to a next level

The only business software you’ll need
for your Open Source CRM

Replace a multitude of Addons and Apps with a single solution for your business to work in.

A professional Theme 

Koolsuite is a new and modern theme for SuiteCRM combined with a rich set of interesting and new features.

KoolSuite is a single resource package to make your CRM unique and powerful – easy to install, easy to upgrade.

KoolSuite enriches SuiteCRM 7.11 in many ways:

  • With a new interface, a more modern lool & feel and a more intuitive navigation
  • With new basic functions: document management, prints, GruopBy views and much more
  • Filling gaps in SuiteCRM 7.11
  • With new apps for your business

Explore all the features of KoolSuite on the site.

If you are already a SuiteCRM user with KoolSuite, you have the opportunity to take your CRM to a new level of functionality while maintaining the technology you already use in the coming year

 100% upgrade safe

KoolSuite keeps the SuiteCRM 7.11 code unchanged to make it 100% compatible

We want to continue enriching SuiteCRM 7.11:

  • eliminating bugs
  • releasing interesting new features for your business

We are experts in CRM and SuiteCRM 7

We want to be a solid reference for your CRM:

We are here to answer any problem on KoolSuite but also on SuiteCRM 7

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions


KoolSuite Community Edition

It is the KoolSuite engine identical to the Professional version, it offers all the basic features of KoolSuite

It is released under an Open Source license.

Easy to install and uninstall.


KoolSuite Professional Edition

In addition to the basic features found in the Community version, KoolSuite Professional includes:

  1. The license to use all the additional features described in the KoolSuite Add On and KoolSuite App sections for an unlimited number of users. Including the new features released in the subscription fee
  2. KoolSuite installation support, including any SuiteCRM upgrades
  3. Quick intervention in resolving any problem encountered on KoolSuite
  4. Our training dedicated to the use of KoolSuite
  5. A package of 10 consulting hours, included in the subscription, for solving any customization need on KoolSuite but also on SuiteCRM

See details in the Licenses section