All common features of KoolSuite


Based on Bootstrap 4 and offers easy navigation on any device. We have optimized smartphone navigation to make effective and business-oriented use of CRM possible

Clear and legible Look & Feeel

KoolSuite offers clear and readable navigation in each crm tab. The graphic designers worked on the look & feel to make CRM users' navigation clear and pleasant. It is also easy to customize the KoolSuite stylesheet

Calendar emproved

Edit activities, view the complete calendar of the year, add events related to the favorites or the last records viewed. KoolSuite makes actual calendar use enjoyable

Custom css

KoolSuite offers 4 color schemes based on blue and green. You can easily change the scheme or insert a custom color with the KoolSuite administrative panel

Top and left menu

Improve menu navigation with top menu (grouped) and left menu. Above the megamenu for all modules, on the left a condensed or expanded menu for module navigation

Mega Menu for complete navigation

KoolSuite sorts menus alphabetically and offers a complete and easy search of all modules

2 or 3 columns layout

You can organize information in 2 or 3 columns: each form has its own setting. KoolSuite makes it possible to set 2 or 3 column modules in the design from Studio. In the screenshot the DetailView of the Accounts module has 3 columns.

Easy navigation between sub-panels

KoolSuite shows subpanels as an add-on tab, you don't need to scroll down. You could drag the subpanels by placing the most used ones on top. Easy to use and intuitive.

Tabbed browsing

You can open multiple tabs (DetailView or EditView) at the same time. For example, a subpanel opens in a new tab without closing the record of origin

Listview with detail

Quickly navigate through the records while staying in the form's ListView

Record History on each module

In each DetailView the Timeline is active to highlight the history of the record in question