KoolSuite Takes SuiteCRM to a Next Level.
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Easy to use / Easy to install / Open Source and Premium version / Only a theme: no core files modified / One package many features

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KoolSuite takes SuiteCRM 7 to a next level!

The most popular Open Source CRM with a modern interface and many great features.

SuiteCRM Theme

Easy to use, readable, elegant. Designed to make it easy to use from desktop or smartphone

A rich collection of add-ons

A set of powerful features in one theme. Discover the new features: all in one package

Great Business Apps

Koolsuite apps are modules and apps designed for your business. Discover all the apps

KoolSuite: the idea

We have been using SuiteCRM for years and before that SugarCRM for our CRM projects. We designed KoolSuite with feedback from our customers.
KoolSuite was created for SuiteCRM 7.11. 

Koolsuite is a new and modern theme for SuiteCRM combined with a rich set of interesting and new features.

It is a single resource package to make your CRM unique and powerful – easy to install, easy to upgrade.

KoolSuite enriches SuiteCRM 7.11 in many ways:

  1. With a new interface, a more modern lool & feel and a more intuitive navigation
  2. With new basic functions: document management, prints, GruopBy views and much more
  3. Filling gaps in SuiteCRM 7.11
  4. With new apps for your business

Explore all the features of KoolSuite on the site.

If you are already a SuiteCRM user with KoolSuite, you have the opportunity to take your CRM to a new level of functionality while maintaining the technology you already use in the coming years

Frequently Asked Questions

Community version vs Professional version

KoolSuite is released in two versions: Community (Open Source) and Professional.

Both versions share the same theme and interface – all theme developments will be released in both versions.

The Professional version allows you to install numerous additional features in a single package.

In addition, with the annual Professional subscription there is the support of our experts for the resolution of any installation problem, use of the package. It also provides guidance for developers who want to further customize the theme

Is it compatible with SuiteCRM?

KoolSuite was developed for SuiteCRM7.

It is 100% compatible.

You can install KoolSuite and then uninstall it. SuiteCRM core files are not modified.

Is it compatible with the customizations made in SuiteCRM?

Yes of course. The customizations present in your CRM are not altered or overwritten.

KoolSuite updates Bootstrap to version 4.

Therefore it is useful to know the simple Bootstrap 4 css rules to develop modifications or customizations

How easy is it to install KoolSuite?

KoolSuite is easily installed using the SuiteCRM administration panel: Through the Module Loader feature.
Once the package containing the Theme has been loaded, the KoolSuiteCommunity or KoolSuitePro package must be loaded depending on the release chosen.
Finally, activate the theme from the Themes function again from the SuiteCRM Administration.
Consult the installation guide for more details

What types of lists are available?

With KoolSuite the ListView have these views:

  • Classic: list with classic pages
  • DetailView: displays the detail while remaining in the listview
  • GroupBy: performs groupings and calculations set by the user
  • Tabbed – when there are image fields in the form
  • Sheet: Spreadsheet like with editing
  • Kanban: Kanban view with records editing
  • Timeline: timelines defined by the Administrator
What are the next steps of KoolSuite?

We are working hard to release a series of Apps geared to Business needs.

Here are some examples of the apps in development:

  • KoolSuite Portal: the reserved area of ​​your crm dedicated to your partners / customers
  • Integrations with WordPress: a powerful plugin to integrate your site with the crm
  • Enhancement of order management and billing cycle functions

All future developments are available within the Professional subscription: there will be no additional cost.